International Desserts and Delicacies

International Desserts & Delicacies has been creating delicious desserts for more than thirty years. Currently, they have developed a niche market with retailers nationwide by specializing in vegan cookies. International Desserts & Delicacies is a family-owned business with 19 employees located in Glendale, California.


As food quality has become an increasingly important issue with stringent safety and compliance measures constantly being implemented and enforced, International Desserts & Delicacies (IDD) began feeling pressure from many of their established clients, and potential clients, to have a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan in place. IDD decided that developing a HACCP plan would help the company strengthen its quality system, retain important clients and expand their market share. 



IDD connected with CMTC and, with CMTC’s guidance, IDD trained employees on the 7 principles of HACCP. First, a hazard analysis” was conducted to identify “critical control points” and detect potential safety hazards during production processes. “Critical limits” and “monitoring requirements” were then established to reveal specific activities vulnerable to health and safety risks. “Corrective actions” were then created addressing deviations. Finally, “verification” and “record keeping procedures” were set in place to ensure that the established plan would be implemented and continually monitored.

The HACCP implementation helped IDD increase product marketability and retain major customers. In addition, with HACCP they were able to obtain Safety Quality Food (SQF) certification. The organization leveraged their HACCP plan into their marketing strategy enabling them to attract new retail customers.


“As a food manufacturer, developing a HACCP plan with CMTC’s assistance was critical to our growth. With a HACCP plan in place, we were able to improve quality, retain vital clients and appeal to new customers. Our organization was able to achieve $500,000 in new sales and retain $1,200,000 in sales as a result.”

- Jeff Jacobs, President

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