Kuttler Machine Inc.

Kuttler Machine is a family-owned machine shop that offers production machining, waterjet cutting, wire and sinker EDM, as well as fabrication and tooling services for many sectors including aerospace and construction. As a full-service job shop, Kuttler Machine provides a wide range of services for all types of customers.


Kuttler recently purchased a large 3D printer to increase the company’s capacity to complete additive manufacturing jobs. Realizing a need to train employees in how to transition from traditional equipment to advanced printing equipment, the company’s managers reached out to CMTC for assistance, support, and employee training.


CMTC employed several strategies to enhance Kuttler’s additive manufacturing (AM) processes including training and coaching in AM for fixtures, jigs, and tooling; support for Kuttler’s new 3D printing machine; and support for holding fixtures for CNC projects. CMTC delivered 3.5 days of training and consulting on site at Kuttler. The training focused on three key areas: CAD software strategies, design for AM and transition from standard to AM parts, as well as usage and selecton of printing machines. Following the training, CMTC provided Kuttler employees with support for machine and printing applications and CNC 3D printing projects. In addition, CMTC also helped employees make several new dies.


The company estimates that the training and support provided by CMTC will help them to realize a $15,000 return on investment, retain two employees, and hire an additional employee over the next 12 months. As a result of CMTC’s engagement, Kuttler reported that the company will make investments of $3,500 in new software and $4,000 in employee training. President Randy Kuttler noted, “The training and coaching we received through CMTC helped us to explore using SOLIDWORKS CAD software. We have already sent multiple people to the training.”

“CMTC was a valuable resource for our shop!”

— Randy Kuttler, President

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