Louroe Electronics (Innovation)

Louroe Electronics is recognized world-wide for their extensive audio technologies because of their ease of use and crystal clear recording.  This success comes from maintaining the highest quality standards for more than 30 years. Louroe employs 30 people in their Van Nuys, CA manufacturing facility.


Louroe wanted to develop an innovation for growth plan to introduce new products into the market. While the company has a talented technical staff, it was challenging to create an organized method to continuously develop and introduce new products. For Louroe, it was all about creating the right strategy.  Louroe was taking over 12 months to deliver new products and wanted to shorten this time.


In the past, Louroe successfully partnered with CMTC and was excited to hear about their new growth services, specifically innovation. CMTC recommended that they participate in the Innovation Management System (IMS) program in October 2012. The program gives manufacturers a systematic and sustainable approach for developing new products.

CMTC consultants guided Louroe’s staff through “create sessions” which brought key employees together for brainstorming, strategy discussions and exercises that helped support the final decisions on which new products to develop. At the same time, new ideas for unique products were constantly taking shape and creating a “pipeline of innovations.”  The IMS Program reduced the time and cost associated with new product rollouts. Louroe’s product introduction cycle now includes new item launches through 2016.

“Through CMTC’s guidance, we were able to adopt the Innovation Management System (IMS). This system has empowered us to strategically introduce new products into the market at an accelerated pace. We have received recognition for our new product releases and now have a strategic initiative to produce new products through 2016."

--Richard Brent,

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