Mask-Off is a supplier of pressure sensitive protective tapes to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Their products help organizations protect their equipment’s critical components and surfaces from costly damage. Based in Monrovia, CA, Mask-Off is a veteran-owned business with 21 employees.


Mask-Off’s larger aerospace and defense clients were requesting that all members of their supply chain have AS9100 certification. Achieving AS9100 certification would mean developing and implementing a quality management system with very rigorous guidelines. Management was concerned with how the certification process would impact their company culture, but knew certification was necessary in order to protect their customer base and accommodate the requirements of OEMs. 



Mask-Off connected with CMTC and conducted an evaluation of their quality management systems. Then an implementation plan was developed so that Mask-Off could become AS9100 certified. CMTC assisted Mask-Off in identifying and implementing the required operational improvements by creating an internal management system and the accompanying manual necessary for achieving certification.

Mask-Off staff members were then trained on the benefits and impact of AS9100 and were actively encouraged to provide feedback. Consultants were able to balance the structure needed to achieve certification while enabling Mask-Off to retain their unique company culture.

After being guided through a simulated audit by CMTC, Mask-Off achieved AS9100 certification. This certification will allow Mask-Off to compete for new business from aerospace OEMs and allows them to make their quality management system part of their strategic plan for growth.


“Obtaining AS9100 certification was critical to our organization’s client retention and growth efforts. CMTC helped us every step of the way, and we could not have accomplished this without their expertise.”

- Jim Sites, Vice President

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