Molecular Decisions, Inc.

Molecular Decisions, Inc. (MDI) was founded in 2013 by cancer researchers and clinical oncologists who had a shared goal of developing methods to better serve their patients suffering from debilitating cancers. MDI is a proteomics-based diagnostic company that works side-by-side with pharmaceutical companies, helping them to improve both their drug discovery and clinical development. The company also supports oncologists by developing and running tests that can provide patient insights and drive clinical decisions.


Molecular Decisions had a long-term plan to engage a new marketing partner, but they had to first quickly address their short-term need to nurture existing leads, develop sales activities, and engage new customers. Rather than hiring a sales team, the company turned to CMTC for assistance with website development and lead generation to increase their visibility in the marketplace.


CMTC worked with MDI from November 2021 to March 2022 to refine the company’s website and develop points of contact using the VizBiz Solutions platform. CMTC created and sent emails to 1,000 contacts, directing each email recipient to the MDI website. Website analytics reports were provided to MDI through the VizBiz platform. The service was provided to MDI as part of a California small business technical assistance program (SBTAEP).


After working with CMTC, Molecular Decisions was able to significantly expand their market. A sales increase of $350,000 resulted from one new client project; and MDI anticipates additional projects in the near future. As a result of CMTC’s sales and marketing support, MDI also reports $10,000 in cost savings and $60,000 in new investments. In addition, MDI was able to retain three staff members and add two new positions.

“We made a very effective strategic decision to work with CMTC on lead generation instead of hiring a sales team. CMTC was awesome and provided the greatest service - I am going to bring CMTC to four other women-owned companies!”

— Laura Sailor, Strategic Advisor

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