Established in 2012, MRIaudio is a family-owned business that develops and manufactures MRI compatible audio systems for medical imaging facilities. This technology masks the noise of MRI machines, helping MRI patients to feel more comfortable during their scans. In addition, the technology provides high-quality music for the patients’ enjoyment as well as allows technologists direct communication with patients.


In 2022, one of MRIaudio’s biggest clients required that the company become ISO certified. This certification was not only imperative to maintaining that customer relationship, but was also important for creating new business opportunities. MRIaudio’s small but mighty team had been able to take the company far, but they knew they needed outside help to meet this new challenge head on.


CMTC began working with MRIaudio to develop a program and strategy for preparing the company for ISO certification. After achieving their ISO certification, MRIaudio continued to work with CMTC on other projects to help build their capacity. CMTC has since delivered Lean Six Sigma training as well as assisted MRIaudio with various training and certification opportunities, helping to upskill and empower MRIaudio employees. The training and consulting services provided by CMTC have helped MRIaudio to strengthen their business from the inside out. MRIaudio has seen increased performance and a reduction in defects as well as improved profits, employee morale, and product quality. Additionally, the continuous improvement mindset that MRIaudio has since adopted has helped the company to not only maintain increased production of existing products, but begin the development of new products.


MRIaudio’s partnership with CMTC has led to significant business growth, with their yearly sales revenue almost doubling to four million dollars in 2023. “We really look forward to continuing that partnership and growing our business alongside CMTC,” said COO John Hornbrook.

“Finding professionals who have gone through things like ISO and Lean Six Sigma is the best advice I could give you. We couldn’t have done it without CMTC. Best decision we’ve ever made.”

— Spencer Howe, CEO

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