Powers Bros. Machine Company

Powers Bros. Machine Company is a large-capacity machine shop specializing in industrial, metal coatings, and pump repair, servicing municipalities and industry throughout Southern California. The company was founded in 1976 when the three Powers brothers opened a machine and grind shop in a small building in Huntington Park, California. The Powers brothers later moved to a larger shop in Montebello, California with the next generation of the family and other employees. The company’s staff of machinists and technicians specializes in consulting, engineering, servicing, and quality control for municipal, industrial, and commercial customers. Today, the company is operated by the third generation of the Powers Family.


Powers Bros. General Manager Casey Powers was seeking guidance with strategic management processes to help him grow the company, stay competitive in the market, and identify realistic goals and objectives that aligned with the history and vision of his family-owned business.


From August 2021 through February 2022, CMTC provided strategic planning assistance to help Casey identify high-level organizational goals and break down the goals into realistic and achievable objectives. CMTC and Casey worked together to evaluate the company’s strengths, challenges, and growth opportunities; and in turn, were able to develop a roadmap for Powers Bros.


Following their work with CMTC, Powers Bros. added three new jobs, saw an estimated $400,000 increase in sales, and realized $23,600 in cost savings. Additionally, the company saw a $60,000 return on investment and forecasts $100,000 in new investments. “My experiences with CMTC have always helped move our company forward - I really appreciate their programs,” Casey said.

“I have known about CMTC for almost ten years and have worked with them several times. This experience was very positive and really helped our company progress.”

— Casey Powers, General Manager

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