PVP Advanced EO Systems, Inc.

PVP Advanced Electro-Optical Systems, Inc. (PVPAEO), located in Tustin, CA employs 40 people. Founded more than 20 years ago, they provide state-of-the-art imaging systems and components, as well as integrated sensors and systems for space, airborne, ship and land based applications that incorporate the latest infrared and image intensified cameras, lasers, and laser rangefinders. The PVPAEO team are experts in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering, optical design and analysis, IR thermography, 3D solid modeling (CAD/CAM), and precision machining and assembly.


PVPAEO contracts with Boeing to manufacture flight hardware. Boeing requires its suppliers of flight critical hardware to be registered to AS9100. PVPAEO also wanted to becomeAS9100 registered to increase sales and improve their competitiveness, along with satisfying customer requirements.



An AS9100 gap assessment was conducted to determine PVPAEO’s readiness to meet the stringent aerospace quality management system requirements. Using the results of the assessment as a guideline, a project plan was developed that outlined the following tasks: AS9100 Overview Training, Quality Manual Development, Procedure Development, Implementation and Training Assistance, on-site Internal Auditor Workshops and Management Review. The plan included continuing assistance during implementation to assure a smooth implementation.

Improvement Description

The project started in April of 2007. The implementation project took 12 months and culminated with PVPAEO achieving registration to AS9100B with a 100% score on the audit. PVPAEO was able to see productivity and sales benefits that resulted from their commitment and effort toward developing and maintaining their quality management system even when their Quality Manager was out for two months. PVPAEO was able to increase sales, create and retain jobs, experience cost savings as well as increase its investment in plant equipment and information systems as a result of implementing a proper quality management system. The project endedApril 2008.

Financial and Investment Impact

As a result of this project, PVPAEO experienced a $4 million increase in new sales, $1 million in retained sales, and a $35,000 cost savings. Since becoming registered, PVPAEO has added 3 employees and invested $575,000 in equipment, information systems and employee training to support their increase in business.

"With AS9100, we were able to increase new sales by $4 million."

John LeBlanc