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TechnoFlo Systems offers technology solutions of flow measurement products to customers in a range of industries and sectors, including municipal clean water and wastewater, industrial, food and beverage, water districts, and farming and agricultural irrigation. Innovative solutions and high-tech equipment have made TechnoFlo a leader in municipal clean water flow measurement. Centrally located in California’s fertile agricultural San Joaquin Valley, the company provides services across Northern California, Central California, and Nevada.


In 2021, TechnoFlo was seeking to update their technology by designing wireless meters that would allow for remote monitoring of water and other fluid systems to meet market demands, increase sales, and allow the company to stay competitive. Successful development and completion of the technology was required to allow the company to increase market share, grow their business, and retain jobs. TechnoFlo requested assistance from CMTC to provide a consultant to design the new state-of-the art meters.


CMTC recommended utilizing Blue Dolphin Engineering, one of CMTC’s delivery resources, to create the design for a new electronic transmitter with additional outputs/functions to replace the current model and a new sensor assembly to work with the new transmitter. The scope of work included design discovery, design and engineering, and defining and sourcing prototypes of the product designs. CMTC also provided consulting, technical support, and account management services throughout the project. CMTC also assisted TechnoFlo with applying for funding from the California Small Business Technical Assistance Expansion Program.


TechnoFlo’s new technology successfully allows clients to read flow meters remotely and receive alerts on their phone or laptop – helping TechnoFlo to remain in a leadership position within their market. As a result of deploying their new product, TechnoFlo has realized a $500,000 increase in sales and $31,000 in cost savings. Since working with CMTC, TechnoFlo has also added two new employees and invested $12,000 in capital improvements, $6,000 in their workforce, and $50,000 in new products.

“We appreciate CMTC’s support of manufacturing in the agriculture industry of Central California. The product that was designed, an innovative flow meter register for irrigation, will allow us to stay competitive and grow. We selected CMTC because of the fair and unbiased advice, services, and knowledge of the industry.”

— Steven Huth, President

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