Waterstone Faucets

Waterstone Faucets is a full line manufacturer and distributor of high quality kitchen faucets and accessories. Their products include various types of faucets, accessories such as side sprays and soap dispensers, hardware such as cabinet pulls and knobs, and under sink systems. The company is located in Murrieta, CA and has 110 employees.


Increased demand and orders were causing challenges for the company. Employees were not prepared to meet the significant increase in demand and the rush to fulfill orders was leading to mistakes. Quality control problems were developing, and orders weren’t being completed correctly. This resulted in wasted materials and client retention challenges.

Identifying and training skilled employees to help meet demand had become an issue. The cost of constantly recruiting and training new employees was becoming a burden for the company.


CMTC began working with Waterstone to provide Lean training and consulting, along with improved supervisory and leadership skills.

Consultants assisted staff members with identifying specific areas for improvement. Employees learned about methodologies, such as Six Sigma, and were educated on how to more effectively reduce scrap and improve efficiencies. A “check system” was implemented to ensure quality throughout the production process. Tools such as 5S were introduced so that employees could identify and eliminate waste and streamline the main production areas.

Management established standardized and easily repeatable onboarding training processes to address workforce issues. The new processes had an increased focus on reducing errors and maximizing productivity from employees. Standardized employee training materials, sample job postings that clearly defined the required skills and improving the company culture were all priorities. Leaders were coached on how to better resolve issues and engage employees.

The improved implemented Lean changes and communication among employees enabled the company to reduce mistakes, improve quality, and ensure that orders were being completed on time. 

“Consulting and training on Lean, leadership skills, and workforce development was pivotal to our company’s growth. With CMTC’s assistance, our company increased sales by $1.5 million, created 20 additional jobs, and realized $100,000 in cost savings.”

- Chris Kuran, Owner

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