West Coast Leather

West Coast Leather is a high fashion clothing brand based in San Francisco, California. Founder and CEO Skip Pas purchased the company in 2003, after a decades-long career as a clothing designer and retailer. The company specializes in custom leather apparel designs for customers worldwide, including many celebrities. Over 90% of West Coast Leather’s clothing is made in California.


In 2020, West Coast Leather downsized from a 5,000-square-foot retail space to a more intimate 800-square-foot store, and refocused the company’s business model to offer more customized designs and enhanced online shopping and ordering. CEO Skip Pas reached out to CMTC to request assistance with developing a new website theme, optimizing online sales strategies, and increasing the company’s social media presence.


CMTC provided customized assistance from April to July 2021, delivering virtual training on website design and content strategies. In addition, CMTC developed an e-commerce upgrade and integrated West Coast Leather’s website with their social media accounts, helping to respectively improve users’ online shopping experience and increase the company’s brand reach and awareness.


As a result of the services provided by CMTC, Skip has seen the company’s website traffic increase dramatically to an average of 30,000 views a month. In the 12 months following the project, the company saw a 23% increase in sales, retained $5,000 in sales, and realized a cost savings of $5,000. Skip attributes West Coast Leather’s 23% sales increase to the redesigned website and social media strategies. The company was also able to add two new employees and make $15,000 in other investments as a result of the increased sales.

“CMTC did an outstanding job for us. We have the highest praise for our instructor Hillary who developed the new e-commerce upgrade for our website. The process was very rewarding, as we saw our online traffic increase dramatically with the new Shopify theme for our website. This entire experience has been so positive!”

— Skip Pas, CEO

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