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Over the last century, manufacturing has undergone many changes. And, now, the manufacturing industry is experiencing another revolution. Featuring conversations from the field, Shifting Gears highlights manufacturers, consultants, and industry experts from the modern world of manufacturing. Join us each quarter as we share the latest news, trends, technology, and expert insights to help manufacturers thrive in today’s economy.

Introducing CMTC’s Shifting Gears


In the world of manufacturing, change is the only constant. How are small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) to keep up with new technologies, regulations, and other important shifts, let alone, leverage them to become leaders in their industries? Shifting Gears, a new podcast from CMTC, features leaders from the modern world of manufacturing — from SMMs to consultants to industry experts. Each quarter, we go deep into topics pertinent to operating a manufacturing firm, and the industry as a whole.

Episode 1

A Whole New World: How Manufacturers are Navigating the Challenges of the Pandemic

DURATION - 43:47

Episode 1 features three small and medium-sized California manufacturers who have had to pivot their businesses in significant ways in order to overcome the challenges presented by the pandemic. They discuss their experiences dealing with the health crisis as it evolved, how CMTC helped them through it, and their plans for 2021.

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Episode 2

Developing a Comprehensive Workplace Safety Plan in 2021

DURATION - 36:20

Episode 2 features Eliot Dratch, Senior Quality Consultant for CMTC, and focuses on workplace safety. What was once perceived as a mundane, fairly innocuous topic, is now perhaps one of the most critical aspects of your business. Eliot discusses how to create a safety culture to help mitigate workplace safety risks.

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Episode 3

Virtual Selling is Virtually Here to Stay

DURATION - 46:09 

Episode 3 features Gary Fly, President of The Brooks Group, and covers the rise of virtual selling. Gary discusses the pandemic’s effects on traditional sales techniques, and some tactical ways manufacturers can use this shifting environment to connect with prospects and customers on an even deeper level.

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Episode 4

Seeing Red? How to Maintain Cash Flow During Uncertain Times

DURATION - 32:00

Episode 4 features Mike Daniel, the Regional Director of the Orange County Inland Empire SBDC Network, and deep-dives into the ways manufacturers can get smarter about cash flow, risk, and receivables in 2021. In addition, Mike discusses some creative ways manufacturing companies have pivoted to optimize cash flow during the pandemic.

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Episode 5

Upskilling Your Manufacturing Workforce with Apprenticeships

DURATION - 34:14

Episode 5 features Jose Anaya, Dean of the Community Advancement Division and Business Training Center at El Camino College; and, Tiffany Miller, Dean of Apprenticeships at West Los Angeles College. Together, they discuss the practical steps of setting up apprenticeship programs, enabling manufacturers to find, train and keep highly-skilled workers.

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Episode 6

Supply Chain Opportunities: Reshoring, Restructuring, and Nearshoring

DURATION - 30:53

Episode 6 features Harry Moser, Founder of the Reshoring Initiative, and focuses on reshoring. Harry discusses how companies are re-thinking their supply chain strategies in light of disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in order to mitigate risks and position themselves so that they’re ready for future challenges.

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