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Social Media for Manufacturers Series: Twitter 101 (Part 3 of 7)

Posted by Ellen McKewen

social media for manufacturers twitterNote to California manufacturers - Twitter can be used for more than following celebrities! Welcome back to our blog for Part 3 of our social media for manufacturers series! In Parts 1 and 2 of our series, we discussed LinkedIn and Facebook (hyperlink to previous blog entries) and now we’re diving into the world of tweets.

Twitter is exploding in popularity and manufacturers can use its unique capabilities to connect with prospects. There are nearly 650,000,000 Twitter users and it’s estimated that more than 135,000 users join Twitter every day.

Manufacturers can create a profile for their company and then are enabled to tweet. Tweets are simple messages that are 140 characters or less. When you have a Twitter profile, you are able to follow other Twitter users. You have a “news feed” that captures the tweets of all of your followers. Likewise, when other users follow you on Twitter, your tweets pop up on their news feed.

Here are some useful twitter tips to help you get started: 

  • Be Proactive with Connections – Don’t sit around waiting for people to follow you. Actively research your clients and prospects and follow them on Twitter. Use their content to help you cultivate your perception of your targets.
  • Be Engaging – When you follow profiles on Twitter, you have the ability to tweet messages at them (unless their privacy settings are adjusting otherwise). Tweet targeted, specific messages at your prospects to make a connection. When you’re on someone’s Twitter profile, there is a ‘Tweet to person x’ section in the left-hand toolbar. Enter your message there.
  • Utilize #Hashtags - When you join Twitter, you will notice that people will put the # symbol before words and phrases in their tweets. These are called hashtags. Hashtags are designed to capture trends and popular topics on twitter. They allow you to easily search and discover topics. Pick keywords and phrases and rock out the #.
  • Connect with Legislators – Legislators and their staffers are very active on social networking. Manufacturing is also a very hot topic in the political and news cycle, providing a good opportunity for you to connect. First, look up the names of your representatives for your district on both a state and federal level. Then, log on to Twitter and enter the names of your representatives in the search bar at the top. When you’re on their profiles, click the follow button. Finally, tweet important news at them through the ‘Tweet to x’ function on the left-hand toolbar. You might be able to secure a plant tour from representatives through Twitter.

As Twitter grows, so will its user interface and features. Try joining Twitter now and see how some simple messages can help you connect with new companies!

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