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Social Media for Manufacturers: The Ultimate Guide [eBook]

Posted by Steven Brand

It may seem hard to believe, but in terms of technology, social media is still just a baby. Connecting with others via online social sites gained momentum less than 20 years ago with the arrival of sites like MySpace. Today, social media is a phenomenon, and Americans spend more than 215 weekly minutes connecting with others online through their smartphone, and an additional 100 minutes connecting via laptop, desktop, or tablet.

For small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs), social media represents an incredible opportunity for marketing and recruiting. Plus, by building an online social media presence, SMMs can significantly reduce the expense of traditional advertising because it’s inexpensive—or no cost—and it reaches a very broad audience. With social media, SMMs can connect with customers in real-time and engage them in a whole new way.

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Social Media for Manufacturers: Facebook

Posted by Steven Brand

Is your company “liked”? The question may sound silly, but the reality is that companies making themselves available online and through social media are the ones most likely to succeed. It’s no secret that television and radio commercials aren’t as effective as they once were, and print advertising is going the way of the dinosaur. Instead, today’s consumers are seeking out information and doing their shopping online.

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Creating a Marketing Strategy for Sustainable Growth

Posted by Ellen McKewen

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it’s imperative for manufacturers to have a strong marketing strategy in place. A well-structured marketing strategy sets the foundation for manufacturers to:

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