Case Studies

Summaries of a few of our recent manufacturing case studies.



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Bryant Fuel Systems

M&R Engineering

ADF Visual Display Products

DaMar Plastics

M&R Engineering

Unity Clothing

Spooner's Woodworks

Ecliptic Enterprises (Cybersecurity)

KAP Manufacturing

Ecliptic Enterprises (TDMI)

Warren Packaging

Peerless Injection Molding LLC dba ProPlas Technologies

Vinatech Engineering

Food Makers Bakery Equipment

Doggie Walk Bags

Amflex Plastics

Waterstone Faucets

Apollo Sprayers

Elite Metal Finishing

Leslie Skylights

Summertree Interiors Inc. dba Newport Cottages

RKL Technologies


International Desserts and Delicacies

Lloyd Mats


Diamond Wipes International

DMC Power, Inc

Nursery Supplies, Inc.

Marineland, Inc.

Royal Truck Body

Motorcar Parts of America

Metal Surfaces, Inc.

Komyo America Company / Honda Logistics

Wahlco, Inc.

U.S. Motor Works LLC

Renau Electronic Laboratories

PVP Advanced EO Systems, Inc.

Miles Chemical Company, Inc.


Dytran Instruments, Inc.

Craig Tools, Inc.

Beranek, Inc.

Accurate Dial

U.S. Concrete

Two Chefs On A Roll


R&D Fasteners

Notthoff Engineering, Inc.

Ne-Mo's Bakery

Johnson Precision Products

Dramm & Echter, Inc.

D'Addario & Company Inc.


Cohu, Inc.

Caco Pacific Corporation

3D Instruments Inc.

Allpower (RBC Bearings)

Louroe Electronics (Innovation)

Stolo Cabinets

Inland Powder Coating Corporation

Golden Island Jerky Company

California Faucets

American Nail Plating, Inc.

ADF Visual

Louroe Electronics (Exporting)

Trojan Battery Company

Maruhachi Ceramics of America, INC (MCA Tile)

Packaging Plus LLC

Lekos Dye and Finishing

Jensen Precast

Hill’s Pet Nutrition, A Division of Colgate-Palmolive

QSC Audio Products

Contico Container

Peerless Injection Mold

Metrex Valve

Crislu Corporation

Bryant Fuel Systems

BFS engaged CMTC to assist in planning the move, help design new processes that would incorporate automated equipment, and assist in developing a strategic plan with financial projections that would enable it to obtain the finances needed to make the move.  CMTC also helped by introducing BFS to the Cal Competes program managed by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.  This program provides California income tax credits to companies that agree to remain in California and relocate to an area of high unemployment within the state.  CMTC provided assistance in completing the application on behalf of BFS and worked with management in locating alternative sites within California.


In April 2020, ...

Metzer Farms

CMTC performed competition and market research, conducted a thorough audit of Client’s website and product lines, and analyzed the effectiveness of the company’s marketing strategy. As a result, a strategic Sales & Marketing Program was developed and deployed to maximize sales growth by a) implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) procedures to Client’s ecommerce website, b) reaching out to existing and past customers via Email Marketing, c) identifying and developing new channels for sales by running awareness and acquisition Facebook Ads campaigns, and d) analyzing and reporting metrics and providing data-driven consulting advice and training to authorized company staff on how to grow the customer base, optimize the budgets and minimize the ad-spend.

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Fuse Integration

CMTC structured a project with Fuse that began in November 2018 to assess the changes in Fuse’s quality management system needed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001. The project included training and coaching of key Fuse staff on the development of documentation and the implementation of procedures to improve its processes and meet the requirements of ISO 9001. CMTC also provided project management guidance and trained Fuse team members on the requirements of ISO 9001 and what to expect during a 3rd-party audit. Key staff were trained and mentored on data collection methods and practical coaching was provided to help the Fuse team on implementing all required elements of the ISO 9001 standard that applied to the company.

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Artech Industries

CMTC assisted in developing a lead generation initiative with the implementation of two growth programs:

  1. BizBytesTM Sales Activity Program to increase awareness and generate new leads for the company’s product lines
  2. BizLeadsTM Program to identify and source new prospects in targeted markets

These two programs were implemented in the following steps:

  • Email Campaign – An email campaign was launched consisting of three target emailings. The messages were designed and developed using content that came from Artech’s website and product literature. The email campaign list was a combination of new prospects provided through by the BizLeads program as well as from Artech’s customer and prospects lists.
  • Research for ...

Marway Power Systems

CMTC worked with Marway Power Systems on developing value stream process maps that included every step from order entry to payment. A current state map including issues and suggested improvements was created with input from a cross-functional team. Incorporating this input, a new future state map was created that provided a framework and roadmap to improve communication accuracy and improve ease of use, both internally and externally. The project led to the following results:
A new process that allows for production planning to be based on production capacity in terms of hours instead of solely on revenue
A pull system was ...